Vietnamese actress convicted of parental kidnapping in US

TN News

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A Vietnamese actress was convicted of kidnapping her daughter by a US court on Thursday, the New York Daily News reported.


The charge carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison. 


The jury rejected Ly Huong's claims that she fled to Hanoi, with her daughter to escape an abusive marriage, the news source said.


Huong, who comes from a well-known entertainment family in Vietnam, told the jury that after marrying Tony Lam, also known as the "King of Canal St.",she flew to New York.


There Lam forced her to work in a pizza joint, talked about bringing home hookers and slapped her around, she testified.


In 2005, Huong left Lam and took their four-year-old daughter, Princess, to Vietnam.


She was arrested during a return visit to the US, in 2008. Lam now has custody of the child.

Lam, meanwhile, denied all of Huong's allegations.

He claimed that he would be the first to die in a fight with the actress, who is a professional martial artist.

They got married in 2001 in Los Angeles, he added.

Huong's defense lawyer, Edward Kratt, said he would appeal the ruling.

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