Vietnam to preserve ethnic minority culture

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Vietnam will spend nearly US$73 million to preserve and promote ethnic minority cultures during the 2011-2020 period, announced the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism on August 18.


The government plans to approve six projects to help the country's minority groups protect their own culture and customs over the ten year period.


The projects will focus on people living in remote areas, islands, and relocated residential areas, where ethnic minority cultures are at risk of dissapearing. 


Artisans, and ethnic minoirty community leaders will play important roles in the projects, according to the ministry.

Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 distinct groups, each with its own language, lifestyle, and cultural heritage.


Many of the local ethnic groups are known collectively in the West as Montagnard or Degar.


The largest ethnic groups are: Kinh (Viet) 86.2%, Tay 1.9%, Tai Ethnic 1.7%, Mường 1.5%, Khmer Krom (Khơ Me Crá»™m) 1.4%, Hoa (Ethnic Chinese) 1.1%, Nùng 1.1%, and Hmong 1% (1999 census).

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