Vietnam to host show featuring traditional Irish music

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Irish Embassy in Vietnam and the Youth Theatre of Vietnam will hold a show featuring traditional Irish music and dancing in Hanoi on January 14, news website Vietnamplus reported Wednesday.

The show, which aims to celebrate ties between Ireland and Vietnam, will be held in Ho Chi Minh City three days later.

Irish artists will perform songs which were recently composed by modern musicians with traditional instruments of their country including the flute, Uilleann bagpipes, the banjo tenor and the concertina.

Renowned artist Niall O'Leary will grace the show with his step-dance performance, a traditional Irish dance style. Footwork is considered the most important part of this dance style body and arm movements are restricted or considered irrelevant.

Traditional Irish music has not only been strongly preserved in Ireland, but has become popular in several other countries with large communities of Irish immigrants such as the US, England, Canada and Australia, according to the news website.

The show will include performances by Vietnam's orchestral ensemble the Rhapsody Philharmonic, which has more than 50 graduates of the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Founded in September 2010, the Rhapsody Philharmonic has composed ten songs and completed more than 40 transcriptions so far. Transcriptions involve notating a piece of music.

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