Vietnam Television launches VTV America via MHz Networks

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The VTV America channel was launched in Washington, D.C. via MHz Networks 1 and 11 on August 1, serving an audience of 2.3 million households.

MHz said in a website statement that the channel would be broadcast on its networks via local distribution, including broadcast, cable and telco, adding to its availability on MHz Networks 9 via cable (on Comcast since April 14).

VTV America will offer original programming from VTV4 reporters as well as selected programmes from other VTV channels. These will include daily news, movies and documentaries on Vietnam.

Frederick Thomas, MHz Networks Chief Executive said in the announcement that the addition of VTV America "brings our viewers full-time access to Vietnam and the region."

The channel aims to act as a bridge linking Vietnamese people with their homeland, and present the country as an ideal destination for business, travel and investment.

VTV4 is an international channel launched by Vietnam Television in 2000.

MHz Networks is an independent, non-profit television broadcaster delivering international programming and providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally-minded audience in the US through affiliates, including cable, satellite and online.

Also serving the Washington, DC area's 4.9 million residents with ten local broadcast channels, MHz Networks features programs from around the world on-air in more than 20 different languages.

VTV America joins the existing MHz line-up of premier full-time broadcast partners in DC, including Al Jazeera English, Arirang TV, CCTV, Ethiopian TV, France 24, NHK World TV, and RT/RT Espanol.

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