Vietnam photo wins gold at FIAP contest

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A Vietnamese photographer has for the first time won the gold medal at a photo contest organized by the International Federation of Photographic Art.

Pham Duc's Cuu (Help) won the 23rd color photo contest held by FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique).

The photo shows a worried girl carrying a crying baby on her back against the background of a forest fire.

Meanwhile, Nu cuoi moi (New smile) got Vu Thi Tinh a bronze medal at the same contest. His photo shows the smiling face of a child between the hands of a surgeon who is fixing the young one's cleft palate.

Nu cuoi moi
(New smile) by Vu Thi Tinh, the bronze medal winner.

The photo collection "Children's message" by the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists also won a bronze medal at the contest held in Ireland

This was the first time Vietnam so many high high prizes at the contest.

Artists from Serbia, German, Denmark and Scotland won some of the other 10 medals.

Vietnam will host the 30th FIAP Festival this August, when black and white photos from another FIAP contest will be assessed.

At the event, the Vietnam Photography Association will gift participants with CDs with historical photos and those featuring people and beautiful scenes in the country.

There will be an exhibition of 100 award-winning photos at the event.

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