Vietnam orchestra to play birthday songs for Hanoi's 1,000th

TN News

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Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra performed at Hanoi Opera House on Thursday and Friday to celebrate Hanoi's millennial anniversary.


The special program will include "Dang Rong Len" (The Manner of the Ascending Dragon) by renowned composer Do Hong Quan, the concerto "Thang Long" for violin composed by Dam Linh, and the poetic concerto "Hao Khi Thang Long" (The Spirit of Thang Long) composed by Tran Manh Hung.


Thang Long, which means "ascending dragon" was Hanoi's name a thousand years ago when it first became Vietnam' capital.


Besides the three composers who have made large contributions to the development of Vietnamese music, known violinist Le Hoai Nam will play at the event as well.


The concertos tell the stories of early Red River settlements and fights against foreign invaders. The performances will also include traditional instruments like wooden bells, gongs and cymbals.


"The Manner of the Ascending Dragon" and "The Spirit of Thang Long " will be performed for the first time while "Thang Long," finished in 1995, has been performed once in 2000.


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