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Vietnam marked the first annual music day on September 3, an event proposed by the Vietnam Composers' Association.

The first Vietnam Music Day will be celebrated in 15 cities and provinces across the country, honoring traditional folk music like ca tru, concert music, children's music, music from times of war, and current pop music.

Do Hong Quan, chairman of the association, said there are currently only 15 participants because the event is new. Local governments are responsible for organizing it, depending on whether they are able to or not.

"The aim of the day is to create a love for music so that people preserve and develop traditional music. We want to turn the day itself into a festival for the public and people working in the fields.

"The first one of its kind will not be able to achieve those goals. We hope something will come of it in following years."

In their proposal to hold Vietnam Music Day, the association said it was on September 3, 1960 that the country's late president, Ho Chi Minh, conducted an orchestra and sang about friendship and solidarity with thousands of people and international friends in Hanoi.

The image represents the country's solidarity and spirit which define Vietnamese culture and music, they said.

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