Vietnam fine arts prime time showcased in Hanoi

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Photos of fine art works from the Ly Dynasty (1009-1225), when Vietnam experienced an artistic renaissance, are being displayed at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in Hanoi through September 5.

The exhibition consists of nearly 250 photos and paintings of items that have been studied by experts from the university since 2008. The organizers of the exhibition combined museum pieces with excavated items from all over the country to form a relatively complete picture of art from the period.

A conference was held Wednesday, August 25 with lectures concerning recent discoveries and findings pertaining to the Ly Dynasty.

Because the Ly emperors were devout Buddhists, the display centers on the image of a granite statute of Buddha Amitabha meditating. The statute is known as the biggest and oldest Buddha likeness ever fashioned in Vietnam 2.8 meters high including the pedestal.

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