Vietnam cracks record for world's smallest egg

TN News

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A family in Hanoi is holding on to an egg their chicken laid which is 1.8 centimeters long, some 0.3 centimeters shorter than the current world recorder holder for smallest egg, VnExpress reported Tuesday.

Pham Huy Tai in Ba Dinh District said his chicken laid the egg on Sunday, adding that it was the first time it laid an egg so small, the VnExpress quoted the news website Kienthuc as saying.

The egg weighs 2.8 grams as compared to the 3.46 gram-egg of Donnie Russell, who set the world record in September last year, according to the website.

Meanwhile, in interviews with VnExpress, local zoologists said that a chicken laying eggs that size is not abnormal.

Dang Huy Huynh, chairman of Vietnam Zoology Association, said that most likely, the egg is unusually small due to a problem with the chicken's health, such as malnutrition.

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