Viet-kieu artists remember local road traffic victims

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Actress Kathy Uyen and singer Thanh Bui paid a visit to Truong Van Thanh Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City in honor of World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims on November 20.

Uyen and Bui distributed informational packets about Vietnam's frightening road situations to school representatives before joining the students in their classrooms.

Approximately 50 students were split up into five groups to encourage interactive and candid group discussions about how to reduce the number of road traffic accidents.  

The group with the best idea to combat road traffic casualties was awarded a prize.

The event, organized by Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation), aims to enhance student's awareness of road safety issues through discussions; remembrance activities including prayers and releasing birds;and through interviews with artists, students and local authorities.

The AIP Foundation is a US-based nonprofit organization that uses public-private partnerships, public awareness education, and school-based programs to reduce the rate of traffic injuries and fatalities in developing countries.

"With events taking place around the world for this Remembrance Day, I am thrilled to continue being a Goodwill Ambassador for AIP Foundation's meaningful activities," Bui said.

"As a road safety Goodwill Ambassador, I strongly believe that public awareness can effectively minimize the loss and pain that families such as these ones are experiencing," Uyen added.

Vietnam is one of more than 100 countries worldwide dedicating November 20 to those who have died and have been severely injured by road traffic accidents.

World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims was created in 1993 by the organization Road Peace. The day was endorsed by the United Nations in 2005. It is now observed annually around the world on the third Sunday of every November.

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