Vestiges of lost pottery tradition found during roadwork

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Archeological excavation work began Sunday in the central region's Quang Ngai Town after centuries-old pottery relics were found by accident.


The Quang Ngai Museum began the excavation following the discovery of pottery that was famous during the Nguyen Dynasty, but has not been continued since.


Doan Ngoc Khoi, an archaeology expert from the museum, said the colors, shapes and patterns on the relics showed that they belonged to the Quang Duc pottery tradition, located in what is now the south-central province of Phu Yen, as well as the Chau O tradition in Quang Ngai.


Both these traditions began in the 17th century and flourished during the Nguyen Dynasty, Khoi said.


A total of 28 ancient lime pots were discovered when the Le Trung Dinh Street in Quang Ngai Town in the central province of the same name was being expanded.


The excavation is being carried out under an urgent order from provincial authorities.


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