US ambassador visits Hue’s temple to grant preservation funding

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US ambassador Ted Osius visits Trieu temple at Hue citadel. Photo credit: VnExpress US ambassador Ted Osius visits Trieu temple at Hue citadel. Photo credit: VnExpress


Ambassador Ted Osius has granted part of the US’s biggest cultural preservation aid package to Vietnam in a recent visit in Hue.
He gave US$700,000 to the managers of the Trieu temple, which was built in 1804 as a main part of the Hue Citadel, a world heritage site.
That is the second grant from the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation for the former capital city. A fund of $29,000 was granted in January 2014.
“Culture protection is not just about preserving achievements from the past but also to tell our stories to our children,” the ambassador said in fluent Vietnamese during the two-day visit that ended Friday.
“My family is here together as I want my son to understand what I learned 20 years ago, that Vietnamese heritage sites are world’s treasures.”

US ambassador Ted Osius tries making a paint mixture for restoring wooden parts at the temple. Photo credit: VnExpress
Osius joined local leaders to tour the temple, which is under restoration, and burn incense sticks on the altars
The temple worships ancestors of Vietnam’s last ruling family, the Nguyen Dynasty.
He also talked to workers at the site about preservation works. 
The ambassador, who took the position last November, on Thursday joined local chefs in making bun bo Hue, the city’s signature spicy soup with rice noodles and beef. He finished all the steps of the complex cooking himself.
He also stopped by local schools and talked to students.

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