US ambassador Osius joins Vietnamese in sending Kitchen Gods to heaven

Thanh Nien News

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US ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius and his family on Wednesday released red carps into a lake in Hanoi, a ritual practiced across the country throughout the day to help a trinity of kitchen gods travel to heaven. 
The Kitchen Gods, a woman and her two husbands, are guardians of Vietnamese homes. Locals believe that on the 23rd day of the last month of the lunar year, which is today, the trio will ride on red carps to go to heaven, where they will report on family activities in the past year.
The gods will ask for heaven's blessings, before returning home right before the Lunar New Year. 
“I hope they will report how happy and honored I and my family are to be back in Vietnam, particularly during this year that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the normalization of US-Vietnam relations. Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and healthy Year of the Wooden Goat!” Osius said on his Facebook page.

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