Two million voters choose Vietnam's top singers

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The "Zing Music Awards," Vietnam's first-ever online viewer's award, wrapped up this week after a two month run.

On Wednesday, a large gala party was held at Hoa Binh Theater to celebrate the top winners.

Male and female singers won awards like "Favorite", "Most impressive performance style" and top-10 albums, songs and video-clips of the year.

The winners included noted as well as upcoming singers like Ho Ngoc Ha, Dam Vinh Hung, Dan Truong, Thanh Thao and Duong Trieu Vu.

Young Internet star Vinh Thuyen Kim's award for "Promising singer" based on her hit single Vong co teen was regarded as the biggest surprise of the event.

The online contest attracted more than two million votes, and determined winners based upon their online rating averages, songs released, box office hits and album sales.

The representative of the popular music website (the event host) said that the responses amounted to an exact survey of current musical tastes and confirmed the widespread impact of the web on the national music industry.

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