The tale of Parzival comes to Hanoi

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Nguoi di qua thung lung (The man walking through the valley) will debut at the Hanoi Opera House on January 14, 2011.

The opera is said to be an adaptation of a poem by the renown medieval German romantic Wolfram von Eschenbach

The opera will be presented in Vietnamese and feature German folk lyrics.

The performance is being co-sponsored by the Hanoi Goethe Institute, the Vietnam Opera Ballet Theater (VNOB) and the National Institute of Music.

A host of talented German artists will participate in the performance, including Director Beverly Blankenship, choreographer Hans Henning Paar, Composer Pierre Oser, and the renowned writer Tankred Dorst.

They set and backdrops have been carefully crafted by Austrian stage painter Andreas Lungenschmid. Nearly 200 dancers and performers from the VNOB will appear in the work.

Nguoi di qua thung lung focuses on the struggle of the Arthurian hero Parzival (Percival in English) and his long quest for the Holy Grail following his initial failure to achieve it.

The fable sought to convey that heroic acts of chivalry are inspired by true love, which is ultimately fulfilled in marriage.

The poem was widely influential in Germany during the Middle Ages and beyond. It continues to be read and translated into modern languages, around the world.

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