The other side: Exhibit honors Vietnam's wartime photojournalists

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Photo credit: VnExpress Photo credit: VnExpress


A French photo journalist working in Vietnam during the Vietnam War has launched a photo exhibition in Hanoi showing battle scenes through the eyes of his four Vietnamese colleagues.  
Patrick Chauvel puts together 40 pictures of the North Vietnam’s photographers Chu Thi Thanh, Doan Cong Tinh, Hua Kiem and Mai Nam, to show his admiration for their work in difficult conditions. 
The exhibition will open until May 10 at the French culture center L’Espace. 

  Crowds flock to the center as the event opened Tuesday.

Chauvel said after 40 years, he is still impressed by his North Vietnam’s colleagues. He said he and other journalists in the south were well equipped, well protected, and could get on a helicopter back to Saigon anytime they were injured. But the North Vietnam’s photographers spent months in the battlefield and while they exposed themselves to danger just like the soldiers, they still produced valuable photos.

Photographer Mai Nam, now in his 80s, look at the photos at the exhibition. “There’s a thin line between death and life, but when we saw the bravery of the soldiers, of the people, we were not afraid of anything any more,” he said, explaining for how they could take photos in the crossfire.

Photographer Doan Cong Tinh (L) meets veteran Do Chien Thang, one of the subjects in the photo at the back which he captured in 1970.

 Tinh’s photo of soldiers resting in an almost dead jungle.

 Two foreign visitors discuss about a photo of Mai Nam showing a US helicopter being shot down.

 Nam’s photos of Vietnamese soldiers on the move.

This 1970 photo by Tinh has received special attention at the exhibition.

 A photo by Chu Chi Thanh shows an old soldier aiming at a US fighter-bomber on November 16, 1967 in the central province of Quang Binh. He brought it down.

Vietnamese soldiers run in a photo by Tinh after land mines damaged their tank at a battlefield at Laos border in 1971.

 Doctors of North Vietnam treat an injured soldier in a shelter in a photo taken by Kiem.


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