The Lion King 3D to premiere in Vietnam

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Vietnam will be listed in the markets chosen by Walt Disney to screen the 3D remake of animated hit The Lion King.


According to Megastar, the local biggest distribution company and theater, The Lion King 3D will premiere in Vietnam on September 30.


Vietnam's screening schedule is part of The Lion King 3D's two-week screening event, which will hit theaters September 16-30.


Bob Chapek, distribution president of Walt Disney, said that the animation's screening event aims to celebrate the fans that created the huge success for the higest rated Disney animated move in 1994.


Moreover, he hopes the film's famous characters like Simba, Mustafa, Timon and Pumbaa could garner themselves a new bunch of young movie lovers, who will also spread out the film's profound message of the "circle of life".


After two weeks of screening, The Lion King 3D will be released in high-definition Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D on October 4.


This is also the first part of Walt Disney's project, which targets on reviving classical animations with modern cinema technology.


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