Thai funk DJ returns to Hanoi

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Thai funk artist Maft Sai of Bangkok-based Zudrangma Records will return to Hanoi with his "Isaan Dancehall" night at the ATK bar on April 7.


A press release from CAMA (Club for Arts and Music Appreciation), organizer of the event, said the night will begin at 8pm.


Maft Sai set up Zudrangma Records, a vehicle to show off his love for traditional Thai sounds Molam and Luk Thung, after returning to Bangkok from residencies around London, the release says. 

It says his "Paradise Bangkok live shows showcased, for the first time in a Bangkok club setting, the vintage sounds of Luk Thung and Molam alongside live shows from national artists such as Waipod Petchsupan."


The nights attracted a young, hip audience, as vintage Thai Funk was played alongside music from Jamaica, West Africa, Asia and beyond, to create a truly unique mix that is Maft Sai's signature sound, the release says.


It says the Zudrangma repertoire has since expanded to include a new concept, Isaan Dancehall, "where tough basslines and heavy percussion from Kingston to Khorat represent the sounds of the world wide dancehall, designed to move any crowd around the globe."


The night in Hanoi is for just 80 people. Tickets are available now at ATK, 73a Mai Hac De Street, Hanoi.


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