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An exhibition titled Swell Times will take place at San Art, 3 Me Linh St., Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City from July 1 to August 5. Swell Times showcases works of two artists, Rania Ho (Chinese American) and Roslisham Ismail (Malaysian).

Swell Times examines ideas of "˜perfection'. Based in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, and active and established practitioners in their own artistic communities, Rania Ho and Roslisham Ismail are two contemporary artists that challenge the ways in which we understand signs and symbols.

Working with various images, including some from cosmetic surgery advertising, Roslisham Ismail presents a series of new collage works that explore social interactions and status through the machines people use and own. Rania Ho presents objects and video documentation of an inflatable garden, fabricated out of nylon fabric, and pumped up with air at various public spaces around Beijing. Entitled El Jiardino Aristocratica (The Aristocratic Garden), this series of temporary sculptures is inspired by the connotations of status that accompany the highly groomed gardens of Europe.

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