Stereo woman for lesbian performed in Hanoi

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Hay la chinh minh (To Be Yourself), an avant-garde play about lesbian relationships, played the Youth Theater in Hanoi May 10 before moving to other venues in the capital and Ho Chi Minh City.


The play by director Bui Nhu Lai was created by the theater's Troupe 3 and the independent non-profit Vietnamese organization Institution for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment, under the sponsorship of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam.


The work that tells the stories of 40 women who love women is a combination of traditional theater, contemporary dance and performance art.


"We use very few words to tell the story of this minority community," said director Nhu Lai.


"The play reflects their emotions, suffering, and the pressure from society, family, and friends. The artists use their body language to express suffering."


The play's message is summed up by one of the characters in the work: "We are all born equal, pure, and with desire to be loved and love. They women in love want to tell people that though they are different, they don't isolate themselves, but have love for everyone like others."


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