Spanish dancers present flamenco ballets in Vietnam

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On the occasion of Spain's National Day, Oct 12, Flamenco Ballet Cristina Hoyos artists will perform world famous masterpieces in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Called Flamenco Poems, the event will feature three ballets adapted from Spanish poet Federico García Lorca"˜s works, Poema del cante jondo (Poem of Deep Song), Gypsy Ballads, and Trip to the south.


Cristina Hoyos, leader of the five-member troupe, is a Spanish flamenco dancer, choreographer and actress born in Seville.


After several successes throughout the world with several companies and movies, Hoyos, 65, created her own dancing company and premiered with it in Rex Theater of Paris in 1988.


She played an important role during the inauguration and closing ceremonies of 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.


Flamenco is a genre of music and dance which has its foundation in Andalusian music and dance and in whose evolution Andalusian Gypsies played an important part.


The cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), dance and palmas (handclaps) are the principal facets of flamenco.


In recent years flamenco has become popular all over the world and is taught in many countries - in Japan flamenco is so popular there are more academies there than in Spain.


On November 16, 2010, UNESCO declared Flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


The two shows in Vietnam will take place respectively at the Hanoi Opera House on Oct 12 and HCMC Opera House on Oct 14.


Free tickets can be collected at Spanish Embassy in Hanoi (; tel: (04) 37715207)) and Spain Economic and Commercial Office, 25 Phung Khac Khoan, Dist.1, HCMC.


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