South Korean star's show in Hanoi 'delayed'

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South Korean star Lee Min Ho's Starhaus Entertainment says on facebook on July 29 that his liveshow in Hanoi is delayed due to "unsolved issues caused by the Vietnamese promoters", its Vietnamese partner VDC Entertainment claims the low ticket sales as main reason

South Korean star Lee Min Ho's show in Hanoi, part of his Global Tour, called My Everything, has been put off indefinitely due to low ticket sales.

According to an official report from VDC Entertainment as the show's organizer in Vietnam to the capital's Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on July 30, since only122 tickets have been sold so far, they had to delay the show, which was scheduled to take place on August 3 at Quan Ngua Stadium in Ba Dinh District.

VDC, whereas, has to spend around VND12 billion (US$550,000), to organize the Hanoi show.

They say on a document sent to their partner AsiaLink Travel, a local ticket and travel agent, that fans can claim their money back within two months since July 30, Tickets are priced from VND1-4million each.

Tuan Hung, representative of AsiaLink Traval, told Vietweek that not only tickets, hundreds of tours have been booked by fans, costing of several hundreds of million dong.

According to the Vietnam Education newswire on Monday, more than 2000 out of 3,500 tickets for the show have been sold out.

Many fans, especially fans from abroad and Ho Chi Minh City, are worried about the money they have spent for the tickets, as well as the air fare for their travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi and from their countries to the Vietnamese capital.

Previously, a July 29 facebook announcement from Starhaus Entertainment, however, attributes the delay to "unsolved issues caused by the Vietnamese promoters, in spite of all the efforts, and a lot of discussion and communication to make the best show so far."

Huyen Van, director of VDC Entertainment as the Vietnamese organizer, told the Vietnam Education newswire on Tuesday, that "The show will not be canceled, but simply delayed to someday soon within this year. We are still in discussion with Starhaus regarding the issue."

In addition to the announcement, according to some sources, a month ago, the show's music director, Ho Hoai Anh, quit the team for personal reasons, but the Vietnamese organizers have not informed the public of this.

However, Hoai Anh is reported by the newswire Vnexpress to have said he had to quit because the Vietnamese organizer did not appear to have the ability manage the show. 

Lee Min Ho, who rose to fame after his leading role in the 2009 drama Boys Over Flowers, is not the first Korean artist, to cancel or posptpone his performance in Vietnam.

Early this year, Super Junior, EXO and BtoB canceled their Asia Super Showcase in Vietnam due to schedule problem. Local fans had spent a lot on tickets for this show and had to spend a lot of effort to get their money back from the organizers.

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