Shades of ink at Hanoi's first tattoo festival

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Thousands of people attend the event that also attracts many top international artists


 A man poses with tattoos on his back and arms at the Hanoi Ink Festival at Quan Ngua Stadium at 30 Van Cao, Ba Dinh District. The festival opens at 9 a.m. on Thursday and closes 9 p.m. Friday. Photo credit: Zing
 The festival host, Nguyen Thi Loan, with a peach blossom tattoo on her back. “It’s a symbol of my wish for a beautiful life,” says the 26-year-old beauty queen.
 Tran Hong Dieu Mai, a 22-year-old from Ho Chi Minh City, has worked as a tattoo artist in Hanoi since 2013. Mai has tattoos all over her body. “My parents were not comfortable with my interest at first. But over time, they have begun to trust me. I do nothing bad anyway,” Mai told news website Zing.
 Quang Tam gives some final touches for a geisha tattoo at the festival, after more than eight hours.
 A woman gets a tattoo on her thigh.
 A perfect piece of tattoo requires a lot of patience from both sides.
 An India-themed tattoo by Dong Tribal, an artist from Ho Chi Minh City.
 A group of friends have their first tattoos together.
 Many tattoo artists try to promote their most sophisticated pieces at the festival, given the few chances they get to introduce the art to the public.
 A Thai tattoo artist at the festival. It has been an exciting experience, says the woman who is in Vietnam for the first time.
 A tattoo artist from China. The festival is said to be attended by European artists as well.
 A foreign man gets a tattoo at the festival to add to his collection of a tiger, a fox and an owl.
 The festival is full of tattoos after several hours.
 A local brings his daughter to the festival. He has big love for the art but has not decided to get a tattoo yet. "I will completely support my daughter if she wants one later,” says the father.
 Duc Tuan, an organizer and a tattoo artist in Hanoi, said he is proud the festival has attracted so many people. “That means the art is now accepted by more people.”
You can find the original Vietnamese story here on Zing.

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