Resistance war vestiges on display in Hanoi

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More than a thousand artifacts relating to the resistance wars waged against the French and the Americans are on display at the Vietnam Military History Museum in Hanoi.

The exhibition, titled Nhung ky vat khang chien Dau an thoi gian (Resistance objects the vestiges of time), includes texts, photographs and art works apart from objects actually used in the resistance campaigns.

The artifacts, chosen from more than 11 thousand memorabilia sent to the museum since 2008, are presented in different categories including those collected during the struggle against the French colonialists (1945-1954); and against the American imperialists (1954-1975).

The objects include flashlights and lamps made from grenade casings, fragmentation bombs and belongings of soldiers and guerillas fashioned from weapons used by the American army.

The exhibition also displays 600 letters exchanged between the soldiers and their families, and martyr Nguyen Van Thac's famous diary, Mai mai tuoi hai muoi (Forever 20), which became a bestseller in Vietnam in 2005 and was adapted into a film in 2009.

A closing date has not been set for the exhibition that opened on Wednesday, museum officials said.

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