Researchers promote Buddhism studies

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Nearly 300 researchers gathered at a conference Saturday last week to discuss the role of Buddhism in the development of literature and the country as a whole.

The conference "Literature, Buddhism over 1,000 years of Thang Long Hanoi" discussed the role of Buddhism in the establishment and development of Hanoi, called Thang Long a thousand years ago, the role of Buddhist literature in Vietnamese literature and Hanoi's development, and classic and modern literature works about Hanoi.

Many Buddhist works of literature dating back to the Ly and Tran dynasties, the emperors of which were devout Buddhists, were mentioned at the conference.

Researchers said both the Ly and Tran dynasties had a strong political and educational system, and a good economy, and that the emperors had left great pieces of literature to the country.

They suggested that the government should develop Buddhism studies, now an independent academic faculty in many countries with students gaining MAs and PhDs in the subject.

"Vietnamese Buddhism has always accompanied the country, sharing the ups and downs, the bitter and sweet with people from all walks of life across the generations," said monk Thich Tri Quang, vice chairman of Vietnam Buddhist Church.

The conference in Binh Duong Province was co-organized by HCMC Literature Teaching and Research Association and Vietnam Buddhism Academy based in neighboring Ho Chi Minh City.

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