Renowned artist makes Hanoi comic book during visit home

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An award-winning Vietnamese-Belgian comic book artist has completed a comic book about 1000 years in Hanoi to celebrate the city's millennial birthday in October.


Vinh Khoa, also known as Vink, produced the comic book during his one week in Hanoi, with painters from Kim Dong Publishing House.


Ten painters involved in making the book painted Long Bien Bridge, one of Hanoi's major icons, together, each with their own ideas, Khoa said.


He said the Hanoi comic book illustrates a number of "surprising" scenes and it also features paintings from a small ice tea shop on Hang Non (Hat) Street.


The 60-year-old was in Vietnam as the honored guest of Vietnam's first comic book week.


He also painted pictures for visitors to Hanoi Library, met with students from Hanoi University and shared his experiences with painters and other employees at Kim Dong, which launches publications for children.


"I have liked painting since I was small, and this is a rare opportunity for me to be able to share and learn experience, passion and enjoy myself in my hometown," Khoa said.


"Though my style is European, what I demonstrate in my paintings is very Vietnamese," said the painter who left Vietnam in 1969 aged 19.


Khoa said his paintings often feature rivers and villages in Vietnam. He said his memories of home came naturally to him through his sketches and he has never had to try to add them.


His "Cay neu va em be" (Lunar New Year's pole and the kid) won first prize at a Belgium Comic Book Contest. Khoa also received an invitation to cooperate from Walt Disney.


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