Proposal for selecting Vietnam's national flower submitted to PM

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Friday said it has submitted a proposal for guidelines in the selection of Vietnam's national flower to the Prime Minister after collecting data on public opinion for more than one year.

Under the proposal, criteria for choosing the national flower stipulates that it must have originated in Vietnam or have been grown in the country for a long time, Vietnam News Agency reported that day.

It must also be found in several localities, the proposal said.

Moreover, the chosen flower also must represent "Vietnam's cultural characteristics," be widely referred to Vietnamese literature and depicted frequently in other works of art, the report quoted the proposal as saying.

It has to be favored by many people as well, the report added.

The proposal also included a set of regulations on using the national flower as well as activities to promote it both nationally and internationally.


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The ministry, which made the proposal as ordered by the Prime Minister, said it studied the national flowers of many countries and consulted many culturists, officials and scientists before presenting the official proposal.

Last year the ministry organized polls across the country to collect public opinion and the lotus flower was the most popular.

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