Prehistoric Vietnam being discovered in central mountains

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The archaeological site in the Tang River Valley in Quang Ngai Province's Tay Tra District

The resting places and funeral items of people who lived and died as part of the prehistoric Sa Huynh culture 3,000 years ago have been unearthed in the mountains of Quang Ngai Province.

Several burial jars and burial pots, as well as assortments of jewelry, have been unearthed in an area of 4,000 square meters in the Tang River Valley, Tay Tra District, over the last two years.

Led by Dr. Doan Ngoc Khoi, deputy director of the Quang Ngai General Museum, local archeologists have excavated the remains of 65 burials, including funeral decorations and ancient axes.

According to Khoi, the artifacts are more than 3,000 years old and belong to Sa Huynh Culture.

Part of the valley of the Tang River is located within Nuoc Trong Reservoir. Thus, the archeologists are racing excavate all artifacts from lakebed before August, when the area floods.

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