Pottery artist puts on second solo display after 13 years

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One of Vietnam's leading pottery artists has opened his second solo exhibition in Hanoi 13 years after the first.

Nguyen Trong Doan's exhibition showcases more than 70 works of pottery and sculpture with various themes.

While his style is unchanged over years, using rough glaze and baking his works at random temperatures to feature sketches of his objects, Doan this time focuses on medium and small-sized works instead of big ones.

For instance, a set of 100 small pottery vases features human faces, abstract pictures and a poem among others.

The exhibition will remain open until November 15 at Au Co Gallery (1, Alley No. 124/22 Au Co Street) in Tay Ho District.

A graduate from the Hanoi Industrial Arts University who also studied in the former Czechoslovakia, Doan, 70, has won many awards from the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. His works have also been sent to international exhibitions.

Although he does not hold many solo displays, experts still name him as one of the leading contemporary pottery artists in Vietnam.

"Nguyen Trong Doan's art is generous, romantic and mixed with his own style, so it's very rich and varied. In Vietnam we can't find another one (like him)," says fine arts critic Nguyen Do Bao.

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