Post-war photos to be exhibited in Hanoi

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An exhibition of post-war pictures by photographer Sean Sutton titled "Impact for Peace" is showing at Hanoi's Maison des Arts until October 16.

The event features 40 black and white photos detailing the lives of people who are still affected by Vietnam War more than 35 years after it ended.

It also depicts the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) removing unexploded ordnance throughout the country.

For more than 20 years Sutton has traveled around the world to document the lives of people during and after conflict.

Sutton also regularly worked with international press and aid agencies covering a range of aid and development themes.

From 1989 to 1991 he photographed the Karen in Burma and then for the next five years Sean repeatedly traveled to the former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Angola, Albania and Laos.

By 1993, and as a result of his first-hand experiences, Sutton made a decision to focus on landmines.

For the last fourteen years Sutton has worked with MAG and has worked in such countries as Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Vietnam and Sudan, documenting the humanitarian impact of landmines, unexploded munitions, small arms and other deadly remnants of conflict and the solutions that MAG provides.

His photographs have been widely published in newspapers and magazines, he has received a number of awards and exhibitions of his work have been held all over the world.

According to organizers, the exhibition is a celebration of more than a decade's work by MAG in Vietnam, and at the same time a chance to highlight the fact that there is a still an ongoing and future need for the clearance of explosive remnants of war in Vietnam.

 Maison des Arts is located on 31A Van Mieu St., Hanoi.

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