Po Nagar Cham Tower Festival wraps up

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The three-day Po Nagar Cham Tower Festival wraps up on Monday in Nha Trang.

The festival took place, this year, at the national relic in Binh Thuan Province (also known as the Thap Ba or Lady's tower) and drew 40,000 people.

At least 100 organized pilgrimages travelled to the seaside town, from all over the country.

The festival is held every year from the 20th to the 23rd in the third Lunar month, in honor of a local noblewoman who, legend has it, developed weaving and agriculture in the area.

Participants in the festival enjoyed in a number of Cham rites, including clothes-changing, prayer sessions and boat races.

Folk dances and traditional games were also played during the event.

On Friday night, more than 10,000 flower garlands and colored lanterns were floated down the Cai River in a ceremony designed to promote peace and honor those who died defending their homeland.

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