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By Kim, Thanh Nien News

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Founded last June, Ti Toay Planet has become a new destination for children (aged 3-15) and their parents.
Each ten-student Ti Toay class is designed to help kids discover more about visual art, applied art and media art for between VND180,000 and VND200,000 (US$8-10) per session.

Founder Thuy Trang, 26, told Thanh Nien News that her lessons aren't as complicated as they might seem.

“Studying art in France gave me the idea to establish this class for Vietnamese children," she said. "I recognize that there is no real atelier for youngsters in Vietnam, where they feel free to create and explore the world according to their interests.”

Trang, who describes herself as a lover of children, said that kids and the things they create make the world better to live in.

“When I was in France, I had the opportunities to work and learn about the distinctive relationship between art and children. I also took part in several workshops related to the issue which fed my intention of founding Ti Toay.”

Trang believes Vietnamese children are in no way inferior to Europeans in terms of their creative capacity and intelligence.

“The [classes] help them let their artistic personality and talent out," she said. "Discovering art at the early age is a good way to cultivate a talent in the future.” 

Ti Toay Planet seeks to inspire kids to freely create things that reflect their inner feelings while teaching them to respect others' work and try new things.

“There is no teacher or student in the class, just the elder and younger artists” Trang said.

Ninh Oroska, manager of Ti Toay Planet, told Thanh Nien News that the syllabus draws on Trang’s experiences in France.

“However, she [Trang] spent a lot of time adapting her program to make it appropriate for local children. [The syllabus] is divided into three classes of different ages: 3 to 6, 7 to 10 and 11 to 15 years old”

Ninh said that complicated concepts like visual, applied or media arts are presented in the most basic way to the students.

“They [children] are introduced to concepts like lay-out, lines, movement, and space installation. Trang also teaches them about famous contemporary artists to help familiarize them with their style and work. For kids, exercises and practice are better than just theory”

Ninh added that the results have proven overwhelming, both for Trang and the parents.


“Our class’s goal is to help children cultivate an artistic state of mind, not just imitate or follow a teacher's instructions. They can complete their assignments as they wish, without depending on their parents’ or others’ praise”  

Besides the art classes, Ti Toay also provides creative, hand-made toys.
“The toys are made during exercises at the atelier. The toys not only delight the children, but also draw the attention of the adults for their high aesthetic value. The more time they [parents] spend with their kids, the firmer their family connection becomes. ”  

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