Photo exhibition sheds light on domestic violence

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The poster of "The Last Mask" exhibition runs until March 26 at Hanoi's Exhibition Hall on 45 Trang Tien Street

"The Last Mask," a photo exhibition that tells the stories of 24 Vietnamese women who have experienced domestic violence, opens on Friday at Hanoi's Exhibition Hall on 45 Trang Tien Street.

Organized by local NGO Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender, Family, Women and Adolescents (CSAGA), the exhibition was conceived by Paul Zetter, development director of Ensemble Creatives, a venture aiming at empowering people through creative arts.

Over three days in January, a group of 24 women from CSAGA told stories, sang songs, played theater games and made masks. The objective was to enable the women to talk and share their experiences as a part of a recovery process after experiencing domestic violence.

When the masks were complete, American photographer Jamie Graham, who has been documenting both the changing society and daily life in Vietnam since 1990, took portrait photos including the masks so that the women "made up one chain of experience, solidarity and togetherness."

The exhibition runs until March 26.

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