Photo exhibition presents Hanoi of yore

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The on-going exhibition "Typical images of Hanoi from 1873 to 1945" offers insights to the transformation of Hanoi from an Eastern city to one that absorbed many Western influences.
The photo exhibition, which opened January 17 at the Hanoi-Thang Long Heritage Preservation center in Hanoi, introduces 80 photos, sketches, maps and documents, according to a report on the VNA website.
The exhibition is divided into five parts, the first of which presents Hanoi from the beginning of 19th century to 1873.
The second  is a 25-year period (1873 to 1897) when the first European planning styles appeared; the third one a 10-year-period (1897 to 1906) when there were more public office buildings in the city; the fourth a 35-year-period (1906 to 1940) period dominated by colonial architecture; and the fifth, a six-year-period (1940 to 1945).
Among the striking photographs are the residence of the General Governor of Indochina (taken in 1906), the Hanoi City Hall (taken in 1897), the Hanoi Post Office (taken in 1924) and the Paul Bert High School (taken in 1897).

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