Peeks into Hanoi’s tattoo world

Thanh Nien News

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The art is being recognized by more Vietnamese these days


A tattoo artist works on a customer in a shop in Hanoi. Photos: Xam Phan/Vietnam+  
This man’s tattoo shows his love for his child. 
 Some choose an icon or symbol that suits their ideals. Hanoi tattoo artists said their work is no longer frowned upon and the art has been welcome by many people, young and old.
This tattoo shop in Hanoi downtown serves up to 45 clients every day. Tran Ngoc Chien, the shop owner who has practiced the art for six years, said tattoo is just painting in a different form. “You can be as creative as you want. You just need some skills and passion,” he told Vietnam Plus. 
 Hygiene is a priority and the artist has to wear gloves through the entire process. Needles and ink bottles each can only be used on one customer.
  A tattoo takes between three to ten days, depending on how big it is. During that time, the person should avoid eating egg, fish, water spinach, and putting soap on the inked skin.
Modern materials and techniques allow for a wide range of designs and colors, including those that used to be impossible. 
The art demands great attention to details. 
 A woman has her mother’s initials tattooed on her fingers.

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