"Owl and the Sparrow' does flyby across US

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Vietnamese-American film director Stephane Gauger's debut work Cu va chim se se (Owl and the Sparrow) will tour US universities this spring.

Produced by Chanh Phuong Film and taken on tour by the Institute of Vietnamese Culture and Education (IVCE), the film will hit Princeton (April 1), Pennsylvania University (April 2), New York University (April 3), Yale (April 6), Brown (April 7), Boston University (April 9) and Cornell (April 16 and18).

Made for just US$50,000 and without any star actors, "Owl and the Sparrow" tells the intertwining stories of three characters, a zoo keeper (played by The Lu), a female tourist guide (Cat Ly) and a little flower-girl (Pham Gia Han, 10 years old when shooting).

The film won the Journalism Award at last year Vietnam's national Golden Kite Awards and Han was the youngest actor to ever win "Best New Actress."

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