Officials to organize new folklore festival in central Vietnam

TN News

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Authorities in Nghe An Province announced February 20 their intention to host the first ever vi dam (traditional singing of poetic lyrics) festival in its chief town Vinh in June, 2012.

Nguyen Xuan Duong, vice chairman of Nghe An People's Committee said that the festival will gather local well-known artists and also talented youth singers enamored with traditional folklore.

Vi dam singer Hong Luu performs the song "Phu tu tinh tham" (Homeland)

He hopes the festival will uplift the spirits of the local attendees.

Provincial officials plan to host the event every three years.

Duong also said that if the festival goes well, provincial authorities will attempt create a dossier designed to catch the attention of UNESCO, which would in turn recognize vi dam as one of the world's intangible heritages.

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