New World Saigon Hotel offers the gift of moon cakes

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From July 18 until September 20, 2011, Dynasty Restaurant at New World Saigon Hotel offers two deluxe boxes filled with moon cakes made with various ingredients.

Dynasty Restaurant has prepared a deliciously historic gift for your loved ones.

Moon cakes may be responsible for the overthrow of Mongul rule in China during the 13th and 14th centuries.

Legend has it that messages were smuggled in moon cakes by Ming revolutionaries. Revolutionaries spread rumors that a plague was coming and the only way to stop it was by eating moon cakes. Through the distribution of these cakes, they spread a secret message inside that planned the Han Chinese revolt.

A traditional moon cake is made with a sweet bean paste filling and has a golden brown skin, much like a Twinkie.

Often they are branded with an insignia by the baker, which also dates back to the secret messages of the cakes origin. Today, these cakes are used for gift giving and symbolize family unity. 

This year, guests can choose from six delectable flavors, including durian and coconut, lotus seed, coffee, bang dang, and taro with pork and mixed nuts. 

A box with four traditionally sized (250-gram) moon cakes or one including eight smaller (75-gram) moon cakes are being sold at VND680,000 each, excluding tax.

For further information, please contact New World Saigon Hotel at (08)3822 8888.

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