New website offers scripts for theaters

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Email Print, a website providing new scripts for theaters, was launched last week by the HK Media Company in Hanoi.

According to actor Trieu Trung Kien, HK's director, the website will serve as third party between script writers and theater companies to provide good, new scripts to attract more audiences to the stage.

Script writers, whether news names or famous ones, are requested to have their names not revealed to the purchasing party for unbiased assessment.

The company will claim a fee of around 15-20 percent of the value of a successful deal.

However, at a press briefing in the capital last week, script writers raised their concerns about copyright issues as well as the fairness of not disclosing their names, especially after they've spent time and effort to build up their reputation, a factor that the website would neutralize.

According to director Kien, their goal is to maximize the script market and introduce new faces. Kien said the works of script writers would be protected through several measures including signing contracts with the writers.

The website will also provide free service for authors to post their works on the site.

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