New Cham temple found in central Vietnam

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Archeologists on Sunday started to excavate a temple of the Cham civilization discovered recently in the south-central province of Binh Thuan.

Nguyen Xuan Ly, director of Binh Thuan Museum, said the temple has a special design that is different from the Champa temples found in Binh Thuan so far but similar to those in Quang Nam Province in the middle of the central coast.

Ly said the new temple has links to the Sa Huynh Culture, that flourished between 1000 BC and 200 AD in central and southern Vietnam. It is believed that Sa Huynh people were most likely the predecessors of the Cham people.

The French had discovered most of Cham temples in central Vietnam, but not this one, he said.

The temple has collapsed but the foundation, three meters high, is still intact, Ly said.

Items for worshipping in the temple have been stolen and there're only stone statues of Brahman Gods, he added.

The Champa civilization is known for the temples they built from reddish bricks that stood for a very long time.


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