New Cham relic discovered in central Vietnam

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The Cham Museum is located in Da Nang City, however the first-ever relics of Cham culture in Da Nang were just unearthed last week, according to scientists at an archaeological site in Phong Le Commune.


According to lecturer Nguyen Chieu of Hanoi National University, the excavation group's leader, the artifact is probably the remains of a Cham tower, covering an area of 60 square meters, including bricks and foundation, and a big mound that is believed to be hiding several Cham-styled towers underground.


Though the discovery so far excludes any sculpture artifact, it is an important evidence in explanation of the existence of a 10th century's embossment featuring a Siva dance found in the site by French archaeologist Henry Parmentier in 1890.


The excavation works will be continued on the site's area of 200 square meter until October under the cooperation between scientists from Hanoi and the Cham Museum, which is considered the biggest of its kind in Southeast of Asia.


The site was built in 1915 with support from the French Far-East Research Institute in Vietnam and has a collection of artifacts from various sites of the erstwhile Champa kingdom.


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