Nail job inspired film to be screened in Vietnam

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Romantic drama Cham (Touch) by Vietnamese-American director Nguyen Duc Minh will be screened on March 30 at Galaxy Cinemas nationwide, 20 days after its debut in America, the Saigon Tiep Thi (SGTT) newspaper reported this week.


Touch, Minh's first film, is set in the "nail job," a vocation that employs many Vietnamese people in the US.


It is about a special friendship between a shy Vietnamese-American manicurist and an American mechanic.


She not only cleans his greasy hands, but also gives advice on his marriage, which is on the rocks.


"Nail salons has given countless jobs to the community of Vietnamese immigrants in America. 75 percent of nail and beauty salons are owned and run by the Vietnamese people, however, their stories have never been told in movie language," Minh told an overseas publication.


Touch has won several awards, including Audience's Choice for Best Feature Film at the Vietnamese International Film Festival, Best Story Line and Best Cinematography at the Boston International Film Festival, Best First Feature at the Santa Rosa International Film Festival, and Jury Award at the Atlanta Asian Film Gala.

The independent film stars actress Porter Lynn as manicurist Tam, whose moving performance won her Best Actress Award at the Boston International Film Festival, and actors John Ruby, Melinda Bennett, Long Nguyen, and Hiep Thi Le.

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