Myanmar artists to perform in Hanoi

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Nine leading contemporary artists from Myanmar presented their work in a group exhibition entitled On/Off on August 19 at the Almaz Collective in Hanoi.

The artists, including Aung Pyi Sone, Maung Day, Moe Satt, M.S.O, Nge Lay, San Min, Than hay Maung, Thu Rein and Wah Nu, who represent three different eras of Myanmar's contemporary art movement (which began in 1974). The works include installations, videos, photography and performance.

Curator Moe Satt, who will present a photo and video installation entitled "One thing ain't the same with me and my dad" in the event, said, "The name "˜On/Off' refers to the quick interval between when something is switched on and switched off. The brief period of time cannot be described systematically-nor can it last. What one sees, hears, feels or thinks during the moment between when something is opened up and closed again is the focus of the exhibit. Just a short plotted incidence between the audience and artists - we share the moments together."

An introductory art talk on the art movement in Myanmar will be held on August 20. The artists will be in attendance as will the curator and artists Moe Satt, Nge Lay, M.S.O, Thu Rein and Wah Nu.

The Almaz Collective, located on the seventh floor of the Almaz Hotel, 21/52 To Ngoc Van St., Tay Ho District, Hanoi, is an association promoting creative collaboration video, photography, design, painting, writing and other skills in a free and independent way.

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