Museums open in Vietnam

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The Weapons Museum was inaugurated on January 25 in Hanoi by the General Department of Technology after three years of construction work.

The US$1 million building covers an area of 8,000 square meters that is used to display all kinds of weapons used throughout the country's history.

The museum will also be home to prototypes used for research work to develop hi-tech weapons in the future.

That same day, Da Nang's first private museum will open after eight years of preparation.

The Dong Dinh museum will occupy nearly 10, 000 square meters and showcase precious Vietnamese cultural artifacts.

The museum will display Doan Huy Giao's rare collection of ancient Vietnamese porcelain, including a 16th century plate of deep blue glaze, a silver Linga found in the ancient citadel Tra Kieu, Sa Huynh Culture's jewelry made of silver and other artifacts belonging to Great Viet Culture and China.

The exhibition will also include black and white paintings by Dinh Y Nhi, one of Vietnam's leading contemporary painters and images of colorful masks painted by Dang Viet Trieu.

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