Miss Vietnam 2012 contest to eliminate award for best Q&A

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The three finalists of the 2010 Miss Vietnam pageant. Dang Thi Ngoc Han (C), born in 1989, is the reigning Miss Vietnam

This year's Miss Vietnam contest will not grant an award to the contestant with the best responses in the Q&A session.

Senior journalist Le Xuan Son, head of the contest organization and acting editor-in-chief of the pageant's host Tien Phong Newspaper, said that this year the Q&A session will merely help the judges determine the winner.

"We considered the issue much before deciding. Time constraints for the live aired finale really creates pressure for us. The contestants' response to the questions will extend the program and the judges' discussion also takes a long time," Son told the press.

Son added that it is unfair for the winner of Q&A session to be automatically entered into the top five. The chance of winning the award must be shared among all the finalists.

He said that it is not the first time that the national beauty pageant has eliminated the award. In the 2006 and 2010 contests did not grant an award for best responses during the Q&A session.  

The best Q&A, Son said, will be replaced by the two supporting awards including "Most beautiful skin" and "Most beautiful hair" awards, which will both be worth VND30 million.

Many netizens have criticized that the criteria for throwing out the award is illogical. Some of them said it is worthwhile to watch the brainy beauties answering questions.

According to the pageant's organizing board, members of the judges' panel and the director will be disclosed after the close of provincial auditions. The final round of Miss Vietnam 2012 contest will take place in Da Nang from August 12-25.  

Miss Vietnam is a biennial contest first held in 1988. Winners and first runners-up of the prestigious beauty pageant often become candidates for international beauty contests.    

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