Male prostitution film in the pipeline

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 Two actors in the film Hotboy noi loan va cau chuyen ve thang cuoi, co gai diem va con vit

Vu Ngoc Dang's past films have received a lot of criticism. But, this has not worried or deterred the young director. Quite the reverse, he is pleased that his controversial films have aroused the public's curiosity.

Dang is now making a film about male homosexual prostitution. He says the subject is a sensitive one and is dealt with carefully in the film.

"With this topic, I have definitely had to be cautious. I spent a long time on the script and handled it with care; there's nothing to worry about," said the Ho Chi Minh City-based director in a recent interview with Thanh Nien.

"The movie will be both arty and commercial," the director went on to say.

His new film has been criticized right from the start. Its title Hotboy noi loan va cau chuyen ve thang cuoi, co gai diem va con vit (Rebellious hot boy and the story about the laughing chap, the whore and the duck) was considered by many newspapers as the longest and worst in Vietnam's movie history, Dang said.

"I just wanted to make something completely different and arouse people's curiosity. Sometimes, things can be bad but special and great at the same time," he said laughing.

"Any film I've made has been criticized," said the director of blockbuster Nhung co gai chan dai (Leggy girls) and the popular local TV series Bong dung muon khoc (Suddenly wanna cry).

"There've been mixed reviews but the important thing is the goal I set was achieved."

Ngoi nha hanh phuc (Full house), his remake of the famous Korean TV series of the same name, received bad reviews but attracted the most ads compared to other local series so far. This has led him to believe that he was successful.

Director Vu Ngoc Dang

Dang said he makes commercial films and that profit and ticket sales are his prime concern.

"It's impossible to please everyone. It's important that I myself feel pleased. Some people think of my work as a joke but I'm deadly serious when I do it. Sometimes the controversial aspects of my films make them sell well. They receive criticism which makes people curious."

Dang thinks this criticism is better than people saying nothing.

He knows that many industry insiders have said that he does not know how to make films and that he just fools around.

"When making films, the most important thing is emotion. Sometimes if you follow a character's feelings and emotions too much, you lose some of the plot."

The director also admitted that an "Okay sound track, beautiful scenes and good performances are enough."

Dang said his films are not extreme and do not delve deep into a serious subject, but that they are sweet and unforgettable. He, as a director, does not have to intervene too much.

He said that for at least ten years, no one will forget the beautiful jogging scene in the Tet holiday blockbuster of 2009 Dep tung centimet (Beautiful in every centimeter).

Speaking about his upcoming film, Dang said he has his own feelings and opinions about the subject matter. The director didn't reveal how he conducted research into male prostitution but he did say he didn't have to pretend to be a homosexual.

"I think that any sexual orientation is normal. No one can choose what they are: they can only accept what God gives them. Some people are too afraid to proclaim their sexuality. People have the right to live their life how they want."

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