Magic to promote Vietnam tourism

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Magician Tony Hassini (R) at the press briefing to launch the "Moudini Ao thuat ky thu" TV series

Vietnam's Dien Quan Media and 108 Media Holdings Sdn Bhd of Malaysia will jointly produce The TV series "Moudini Ao thuat ky thu" (The Magical Moudini), it was announced at press briefing in Ho Chi Minh City this week.

The program's first 13 episodes, each 50 minutes long, will be filmed in Vietnam to feature famous Iranian magician Mahdi Moudini and the country's tourism and culture to international viewers.

The show includes two parts, Big Illusions and Small Close-ups (street magic), featuring Moudini's signature feats like making a flying airplane or a building in Ho Chi Minh City vanish, reading minds of people on the street and magic tricks with coins and cards.

Recently, Moudini received his second Merlin Award for "Most Extreme Magician 2013" from the International Magicians Society (IMS) and was also voted the "Best Iranian Stage Magician 2012."

Moudini, 34, is the third generation of a family of famous magicians who has been living in Malaysia for the last 15 years.

Moudini and his teacher, magician Tony Hassini, who is also the brain behind "Moudini Ao thuat ky thu," were present at the press briefing.

Hassini, the founder of the IMS  in 1968 and teacher of several world-known magicians including David Copperfield and David Blaine, will direct and design the tricks for the show.

Hassini also has around 20 students from Vietnam.

The first episode of "Moudini Ao thuat ky thu" will be aired on Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) and other international channels in September.

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