Local star raises funds for children with heart problems

TN News

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Vietnamese m odel turned action star Ngo Thanh Van will kick off her second charity project, on June 10, called "Scar of Life."

The project will seek to raise funds for underpriveledged children in need of heart surgeries.

The project has already attracted donations from twelve artists and business people who have submitted stories andf photographs to be compiled into books and sold to the general public.

Ngo Thanh Van said the book will include her story of being a true "runaway bride."

All profits will be donated to cover the cost of pediatric cardiac surgeries for children in need.

In addition to the photos, the book's next best feature will focus on the attendee's never-before-told stories -- their so-called "scars of life."

The project drew participation from many local celebrities and attracted sponsorship from the VinaCapital Foundation, which donated around US$368,000 to help children suffering from heart diseases, last year.

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