Local celebrities to sell photos for heart disease

TN News

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Vietnamese celebrities will auction off photos of their daily lives in Ho Chi Minh City to raise fund for poor children suffering from heart disease.

The exhibition My Better Truth, co-held by Hearbeat Vietnam and the VAA Fund on April 23, will feature photographs of 14 Vietnamese artists, including model-actress Ngo Thanh Van, actor Johnny Tri Nguyen, singer Dan Truong, Quang Dung, actor Chi Bao.

The event at White Palace, followed by an exhibit at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum from April 25-27, will raise funds by auctioning the photos as well as a 12-hour date with Ngo Thanh Van and Johnny Tri Nguyen.

Since 2006, Heartbeat Vietnam, sponsored by Vina Capital Fund, had provided assistance to 1,400 children in need of heart surgeries.

The VAA fund is a charity established by Ngo Thanh Van.

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