Lacquer and calligraphy to be exhibited in Hanoi

TN News

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Artist Tran Trung will present a lacquer exhibition called "Kinh Bac Sparkle" from September 25 to October 15 in celebration of the 1,000 year Thang Long Hanoi anniversary.

The event, held by the Vietnam Introduction and Exchange Art Center, will showcase large and small lacquer works that celebrate the Kinh Bac culture the people who originally settled along the Red River Delta and eventually founded the capital.

The exhibition's enormous, namesake work "Kinh Bac Sparkle" (2.4m height, 4.8m length), portrays traditional folk games: swinging, wrestling, tug-of-war, etc.

Following the lacquer display, the nation's largest-ever exhibition of traditional calligraphy will convene in the Temple of Literature's Thai Hoc courtyard from October 4 to 14.

The entire yard will be modified into the octagonal house which will be filled with 200 decorative lanterns.

Some 250 calligraphic works on a variety of mediums (paper, pottery, bamboo) have been donated to the exhibition by many famous Vietnamese calligraphers.

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